fredag den 25. september 2015

Instagram recommendations

Instagram is hot hot hot! It has been hot for many years now and people, shops, bloggers keep creating wonderful accounts. I can use up to 3 hours a day, just getting inspired by pictures.
I will show you my favorite instagrammers and who inspire my style and sneaker choices!

Merystache is a french blogger, I seriously love her style and sneakers! Go check her out.

is a french blogger as well! She got the coolest sneaker collection of all time.

has the coolest styles, including sneaks! + tattoos. (french too)

Girlonkicks based in Amsterdam, is totally a sneakerhead and into fashion. She has all the sneakers you can imagine.

Careux is a cool girl. Lovely style and sneakers. She's making illustratings of sneakers, brand etc too.

Merelana got a super nice style. She is totally into sneaks as well, and I simply love her pictures.

That's it! These instagrammers are only women. Next post will be about men inspirations.

onsdag den 24. september 2014

Air Jordan 5

I haven't worn them the whole summer. I totally forgot I had them. Now they are on, and I love it! 

onsdag den 17. september 2014

Danish Music

I'll just show you some of my favorite danish music right now. 
You should try listen it!  

søndag den 7. september 2014

Nike Air Raid "Peace"

Nike Air Raid Peace is one of my favorite sneakers for men! .. they're a way too cool. 

tirsdag den 12. august 2014

Nike FC

Nike FC is not only a brand, but a club... not a normal club like Manchester United or Paris Saint-Germain. It's a club for those know football players who since the World Cup final in 1994 in Pasadena, California, was responsible for brilliant, attacking football.
Nike has made ​​the Nike FC-collection, which consists of a number of cool t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and sneakers. The colors are classic and simple with hints of gold here and there - Nike FC's about winning, and what color symbolizes better than gold?